November 23, 2012

The Ultimate accessories Pack for your smartphone!

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You don’t know what you could offer for Christmas for good price? Maybe this is the solution.
With the 
mini speaker XMI Mini II and the Plantronics E216 headphones I have ordered the Ultimate Pack for my HTC One X.

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to product: Ultimate pack for HTC One X
Click to see different products: Find an accessory for your One X

My video review is after this test ;)

On this pack there is 6 accessories:
  •           1 car holder
  •           1 desk stand
  •           1 mini portable desk stand
  •           1 car charger
  •           1 Flexishield protection
  •           5 MFX screen protector

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This is my complete test of all those accessories & my video test.

  1. Car holder
  2. Desk stand
  3. Mini portable desk stand
  4. Car charger
  5. Flexishield case protection
  6. Screen protections
  7. My video
  8. My point of view

I – Car holder

Already reviewed on this article, this car holder has a very good quality for this pack price! With its powerful suction cup you can use your phone on 360° orientation. You can place it on your windscreen or with the accessory on your dashboard. This is a universal support and you can so use it with all your different devices.

II – Desk Stand

This desk stand doesn’t need any assembly part. You place the black part on the pedestal and it’s okay ;)
This support is usable on portrait or landscape mode. I use it personally with my leather case. The grip part is very strong, I get some difficulties trying to remove dust fixed on. :p this is just so pleasant ! The necessity is just to take the handling on positioning the grip on pedestal.

 III – Mini portable desk stand

An accessory discovered and adopted immediately, at the condition to use it with the case received with or with an other plastic case but never with a leather case because of the suction cup. PS: You must clean it to use it (watch the fail on the video ^^)
This gadget is useful because it’s portable and very small. You can with it use the portable stand on the desk on landscape or portrait mode without changing anything! With a long phone (One X, GS3…) use the suction cup at the top of your phone to be more stable.

IV – Car charger

This car charger makes what we wait from him. It’s banal with an indicator led with a long cable. It will enjoy you when you know the price of one into a petrol station ^^ (I have bought one one time because I really needed and we must have some billets…)

V – Flexishield case protection

A protection is needed today for our smartphones when we know daily riskiness… And I know that :s Unruffled case which is not the most aesthetic, but all opens are there and when we know the quality of other cases and their prices we can just be happy by this one :)

The finish is not perfect but the case hold the phone very well inversely to other tested.

VI – Screen protections

5 screen protections MFX are delivered with this ultimate pack and this is an advantage to be able to protect our screen. 5 okay it’s maybe too much but you can change it or give it to someone else and for the price… nothing to say. Sure they are not adapted to the perfect screen size, but Brando are not too… And with brando I have killed my phone trying to clean it :/ So take care.

VII – My Video

VIII – My point of view

From your point of view, you will conclude what ever you want ;) but from mine, the cost of the car holder is nearly half of the complete pack and I can be sure than this ultimate pack will correspond perfectly to people looking for a panel of accessories for their phone for cheap.

A good Christmas idea by the way!

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Have a nice day

Thanks to have read it, this is the list of compatible phones:

- Apple iPad 4/ 3 / 2 / mini
- Apple iPhone 4
- Apple iPhone 4S
- Apple iPhone 5
- Apple iPod Touch / 5G / Nano
- BlackBerry Bold 9900
- BlackBerry Curve 9360
- BlackBerry Torch 9860
- HTC Desire S
- HTC Incredible S
- HTC Inspire
- HTC Inspire 4G
- HTC One S
- HTC One X
- HTC Rezound
- HTC Sensation / XE / XL
- HTC Thunderbolt
- HTC Wildfire S
- Kindle Fire HD
- Nokia Lumia 800
- Samsung Galaxy Ace
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus
- Samsung Galaxy Note
- Samsung Galaxy Note 2
- Samsung Galaxy S
- Samsung Galaxy S2
- Samsung Galaxy S3
- Samsung Galaxy S3 mini
- ...

& more


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