November 25, 2012

(P1) How To Downgrade HTC Desire HD from Android 2.3.5 Software v3.12.405.1 & +


Welcome to this Article about How to Downgrade your HTC Desire HD from Android 2.3.5 with software 3.12.405.1 & + to a previous GB or Froyo version! (Part 1)


I can't be held responsible if something wrong happen to your phone! YOU are responsible for any inconvenience!

I have recorded a video and you must watch it completely before starting.
Moreover read each word of this article & linked article to be secured! Don't jump lines!!!

Read it one or two times before doing anything!

I will try to give you all links to do that! But I can forget some, so ask on the comment part behind!

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I HAVE WORKED +30 hours on it! and this is not finish because I am writing the article and then the rooting part!
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Part 1:
1- Create a GoldCard
2- Use AAHK

Part 2: link
3- Downgrade for 3.13
4- Flash a RUU


- SDK installed on your compute + HTC Sync & Drivers
- USB Debugging mode checked (Menu / Settings / Application / Development)
- Fastboot unchecked (Menu / Settings / Power or Application)

I - Create a Gold Card

This will remove all your data on your SD Card so save it on your computer.


- HxD Hex EDitor:

+ Your sdcard must be formated on FAT32

- Open cmd
- Go to the tools folder (cd C:\SDK\tools)
- Enter this command:
adb shell cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc2/mmc2:*/cid
You will get a number example: 532600bd227d9c0347329407514d5402
- Copy the number

- Go to this website : and past the number
- Click on submit

You get a new code
- Copy it

Go to this website:
- Enter the new code
- Select Android & enter the captcha

Your computer download a goldcard.img

- Open HxD Hex EDitor (right click open as admin)

- Go to Tools
- Select: Open disk

- On physical disks, select your SD Card uncheck the square

- Go to Tools
- Select: Open Image disk

- Select your downloaded goldcard.img
- Click Ok & select 512 for sector size & Ok

You get 2 windows, one is your sdcard the other is your image!

- Select your image tab
- Select from 00000000 to 00000170
- Right click & copy

- Select your SD card tab
- Select from 0000000 to 00000170
- Right click & paste

- Select file menu then save (accept the warning!)

You got your GoldCard: SD Card!


This part is maybe the last one for you! But maybe as me you will have some issues:
Main Version is Older!
Update Fail!
Press <POWER> to reboot.
You must so continue then to my Video Part 2, next article ;)



- USB Debugging mode activate (Menu / Settings / Application / Development)
- Fastboot unchecked (Menu / Settings / Power or Application)
- Bootloader locked or relocked
(if it isn't use fastboot mode and this command: fastboot oem lock)




- Turn off Antivirus & Spyware
- Download aahk-12062012:
- Extract it
- Turn on Antivirus

- Copy the to the PD98IMG on the aahk folder. You can also jump it but AAHK will download it for you.

- Launch hack-ace.cmd
- Launch efffen-manual.html
- Search CAJUN.txt on this page, click

- Copy RTEM-XX:XX;XX,XX on this page
- Past it on the cmd oppened with the hack-ace.cmd and press Enter

Now you get a menu

Enter those commands:
- 1 Press enter to check your version
- Y press enter to launch the downgrade

AAHK detect your previous PD98IMG-gb2 file or ask to download.

- Y to flash the file detected

Your phone reboot on bootloader mode and the PD98IMG is found and flashed.
You get a blue bar at the right top corner of your screen you wait.
Then there is an orange loading bar.

After that 3 possibilities:

- Your phone reboot it's okay you get the downgrade: CONGRATULATIONS

- You get this message:

Main Version is Older!Update Fail!Press <POWER> to reboot.

So you must read and watch the part 2!

- You get this message:

CID incorrect!Update Fail!Press <POWER> to reboot.
YOU ARE A BAD BOY AND MUST READ IT CAREFULLY!!! ;) Do never ask me for CID incorrect!

Thanks to have read this part 1! If you get the Main version is older, continue to my next Article ;)

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