October 07, 2012

One X / XL / X+ - Housse Case - Official HTC HC V701 Review Test


Today I want to show you a housse case received by MobileFun.

This is the Coque officielle HTC One X HC V701. I have been delivered in 2 days by DHL services. Just amazing.

The website is available on different countries:

and you can order all other the world.

I - Review

The housse is an amzing white housse. The top is white leather and the bottom
is plastic. But the plastic is also so nice to touch.
The hands on is just perfect!

The phone can stand easily to watch a movie from YouTube for example,
read articles on my blog ;)
Or to do other stuffs.

II - Angle

You can see how the HTC One X is just perfect into this housse case.

This is a very good job!

Nothing to say about the quality!

III - My Point Of View

This case is just amazing, because you can stand your phone and it's so nice to hands your phone with.
But there is maybe a thing to improve from the designers. It's not so easy to hands it to write an sms on portrait mode. You have better to use the landscape mode.

Moreover you can watch my video, and see when you plug the phone, it's just difficult to stand your phone at the same time. Maybe it would be better to do than from an other way.

Do you have this Housse Case? Will you buy it?

If you order an accessory from MobileFun, please, send me an email ;)

IV - Video

Thanks again to MobileFun


What do you think? :