October 09, 2012

Install Jelly Bean on HTC One X - Maximus V4.1 - Android 4.1.1

Hello there!

Today I want to explain you how to install the Maximus v4.1 & 4.X on your HTC One X!

You have to know that I can't be held responsible for anything wrong on your device. I have done that and it works for me! If you have some question, I can try to answer, but you are responsible if you brick your phone!

If you are hboot S-On, there is no way to go back to ICS custom rom!
So you have to do a very important choice!

If as me you get S-Off, it's okay! Don't ask me how I get S-Off, I buy my phone S-Offed.

I - Pre-requisite

From this thread:

Ultimate Stock to Custom Guide Thanks to The-Last-Hylian

1 - Android SDK installed
2 - Bootloader unlocked
3 - Custom recovery flashed (watch the video)
4 - Rooted device (watch the video)

You must follow this step one by one!

Here is the video for how to do! You maybe have to watch it before testing something!

You must have one of those CID:

cidnum: HTC__001
cidnum: HTC__E11
cidnum: HTC__203
cidnum: HTC__102
cidnum: HTC__405
cidnum: HTC__Y13
cidnum: HTC__A07
cidnum: HTC__304
cidnum: HTC__M27
cidnum: HTC__032
cidnum: HTC__016
cidnum: HTC__J15

To know your CID you can reboot your phone on bootloader mode (press volume down + Power) or use this app: JOX - JellyBeanOneX

II - Downloads

- Last Maximus version (XDA thread - or - V4.1 download)
- PJ46IMG.zip - Download link
- Android Fastboot Kit v4.1 - on xda thread or download link

III - Installation

Relock your bootloader:

- Start your HOX (HTC One X) on bootloader mode (volume down + power)
- Select fastboot (by pressing power)
- Connect your device to your computer
- Open the cmd window (Start - Execute - cmd)
- Go to the location of your files: fastboot.exe, adb.ex, adb_WinApi.dll...
- Enter the command to go there:

cd C:\android-sdk-windows\tools

This is mine, because my sdk is install there!

- Enter the locker command:

fastboot oem lock
Your bootloader is now relocked if you see:

<bootloader> Lock successfully...

Your device restart. You can now reboot it on fastboot mode! Check this image:

Install PJ46IMG.zip

On fastboot mode!!!

- Place the PJ46IMG.zip on your computer with the fastboot.exe (sdk/tools folder)
- On the cmd launch the command from the same location than previously:

fastboot flash zip PJ46IMG.zip

that's mean: with fastboot, flash the file format: zip named: PJ46IMG.zip

- If you get this message: FAILED <remote : not allowed> you must do that:

- enter the command: 
adb reboot oem-78
fastboot flash zip PJ46IMG.zip 
you must have a green loading!

- Then you must back to the fastboot!

Unlock the bootloader (again):

- Enter on fastboot the command:

fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
If your unlock code has this name, mine is: Unlock_code_OneX.bin

- Select: Yes I want to unlock my device on your screen!

You can check the bootloader is now unlock on your device!

Install new boot.img from the Android Fastboot Kit V4.1

- Your phone must be connected on Fastboot mode.
- On your computer, unzip the file downloaded named: Android Fastboot Kit V4.X

- Launch the Install boot.img.bat

Maybe you have also to flash the recovery once again ;)
You know that if you get a screen with a HTC device and a Blue triangle!

to do that:

fastboot flash recovery recovery-
Still on the fastboot location with the name of your recovery ;p

Flash the custom Rom

Now you can flash the custom rom

- Open the recovery
- Select :
Install zip from sdcard
choose zip from sdcard
- Go to the emplacement of your custom rom file
- Select the file
Maximus v4.1.zip
Yes I want to install this zip
- Aroma installer started

- Follow the instruction (do not remove HTC Mail & HTC Messages to be able to use messages)



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