October 27, 2012

HTC One X - The perfect guide for beginners & pros :D

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This thread has been created to help you on discovering the world of Custom rom for your HTC One X !

I am not the most experienced person in the world about that, but I can try to explain to you with easy words what I know.

Thanks to:
- TechXero for his help!!!

If you want to correct my work, because of mistakes or spelling mistakes, or you think I missed something, you can mail me: flow.wolf.one@gmail.com

  1. Presentation – Tools Pre-Requisites (IMPORTANT PART)
  2. Hboot, Kernel, Custom Rom
  3. About the Hboot
  4. About the Kernel
  5. About the Custom Rom
  6. FAQ

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I – Presentation – Tools – Pre-requisites

I have had 4 different HTCs, Diamond, Desire HD, One S and now One X, I have also worked with Desire, Desire S, Sensation, Sensation XE, but sincerely, the One X is the most complicate device for HTC Custom ROMs because of different things that I explain on this thread.

You want to change your system but have some questions or you have already done different things but don’t know how to do others, or you just have some questions, I will try to show you the things I know there!

First of all you must know that there are 2 different “kinds” of HTC One X. There is the HTC One X with Hboot S-On and the HTC One X with Hboot S-Off!

This is very important for all your modifications because you can’t do everything exactly by the same way!

MOREOVER, I can’t be held responsible if you brick your phone or do something wrong! YOU ARE the one responsible for everything!!!

This thread is not a guide! This is a help thread!

If you want to do the manipulations explained there, you can, but you must have:

  • Android SDK installed
  • HTC Drivers installed
  • Bootloader unlocked
  • Device rooted

You can find it on different xda thread or on my Youtube channel: FlowWolfOne Youtube channel <-- Don't forget to subscribe ;)


Tools in question:

1 Links

My favourite XDA Thread:
*HTC ONE X* - Indexed listing of roms, kernels, guides, tools & mods

One X custom rom review video:
- JB Custom rom playlist
- ICS Custom rom playlist
- How To

2 Important stuff to know !

When I write some code in the cmd command, this is for the location of your tools folder, mine is:


To go to your tools folder with the cmd you must enter:

cd C:\android-sdk-windows\tools

for tools folder you must have the files: adb.exe, fastboot.exe & others according to which ones you need!!!

3 Reboot in bootlaoder mode

Device power on: (works on bricked or bootloop mode)

- Long-Press on power volume button + Volume down
After few seconds your 3 key buttons must twinkle, continue.
If you get HTC Screen do that again If not there is not vibrations and you get the bootloader mode screen.

4 Some words

AOKP = Android Open Kang Project
AOSP = Android Open Source Project
ICS = Ice Cream Sandwich
JB = Jelly Bean
OS = Open Source
UI = User Interface

 Important article about the CID (TAKE CARE WITH YOUR CID, + list of CID at the end of this page)


II – What are hboot? Kernel? Custom Rom?

If you take a car, you have 3 important things:

  • 1- chassis, undercarriage, frame
  • 2- engine, motor
  • 3- body

I will try to explain what are hboot, kernel & custom rom with that 3 different things.

The hboot is the chassis, you have currently 5 different hboot versions: 0.95, 1.12, 1.23, 1.28 & 1.31

Over those different chassis, hboot, you can bring up the engine, this is the kernel.
The kernel is the heart of your system, it’s also called the boot. Without that you can’t start your system correctly. And without a proper kernel over a correct hboot you can’t run your system.
We are lucky because all custom roms are uploaded with their kernel. Moreover there is 2 hboot called ncx wich are used easier. You will read this later on this thread.

When you get the correct kernel over your hboot you can use a body, the custom rom.

So know you now, I hope, better what are those 3 different words.

When you want to install a custom ROM, you have to start to know which one you want, then which kernel you need to use and on which hboot it will run correctly.

We talk about:
Flash a custom rom (install it)
Run a system
Flash an hboot
Unlock the bootloader
Root a device
Flash the recovery

III – About the HBoot

Hboot S-On / S-Off

On your phone you have to understand that there are 2 different kinds of hboot and this is just so important!

Around the world there are only 3 000 HTC One X with Hboot S-Off, so if someone is selling it please call me!!!

What is amazing with that?

Currently no-one succeed in changing hboot s-on to hboot s-off, so don’t ask me if it’s possible, the answer is NO at this specific moment! We hope later!

Yes but what is available on S-Off and not on S-On?

You remember I told you about the hboot versions. With Hboot S-On you can upgrade those versions, but with S-Off you can upgrade AND downgrade all versions you want!

Hboot version
Upgrade Hboot?
Downgrade Hboot?

How to change the hboot version?

Remember: HBOOT S-ON, if you upgrade the Hboot you will not be able to downgrade it! So you will not be able to flash some Custom Rom running on low hboot versions!

I think you must see this image before continuing reading this article!

I don’t have S-On, but this is what I think, if someone can confirm it would be so great!

UPGRADE: (S-On & S-Off)

Flash a new hboot version:

THIS WILL UN-ROOT your device and WIPE ALL INFO along with ALL SDCARD DATA. Make sure to back everything up !!!!

First you must know which hboot you get. And download the one you want to flash!

Hboot version 1.23: download PJ46IMG.zip
Hboot version 1.28: download firmware.zip

How to Flash: (zip file)
  • download the file needed
  • Cut & paste it on your tools folder
  • Launch the cmd
1 - Relock your bootloader: (device connected to your computer)

adb lock oem

2 Flash the hboot file:

fastboot flash zip NameOfFile.zip

If you get an error, reboot your device & use this code:

adb reboot oem-78
fastboot flash zip NameOfFile.zip

3 - Unlock the bootloader

As you done the first time use this code:

fastboot unlocktoken unlock_code_onex.bin


To downgrade an Hboot version I use the RUU

I get this panel:

For downgrade to hboot 0.95: RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_HTC_Europe_1.29.401.11_Radio_1.1204.105.14_release_260491_signed.exe
For downgrade to hboot 1.12: RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_S_HTC_Europe_2.17.401.2_Radio_2.1204.135.20_release_274900_signed.exe

To flash the ruu, you must restart your device on bootloader mode and connect it to your computer, then launch the Ruu.exe

You must follow indications on your screen.

THIS WILL UN-ROOT your device and WIPE ALL INFO along with ALL SDCARD DATA. Make sure to back everything up !!!!


After having changed your hboot, you need to, RE-ROOT and flash the CWM (ClockWorkRecovery) again in order to be secured! If you don’t do that you could find a red triangle on your screen ;)

fastboot flash recovery recovery-

Which rom for which hboot?

There is no perfect answer for that, so you must ask it on different custom ROM thread.
But I know that:

Custom Rom
Hboot 0.95
Hboot 1.12
Hboot 1.23
Hboot 1.28
Sense ICS

Sense JB

Non-Sense ICS


Non-Sense JB


Could you confirm or not that board please

IV – About the Kernel

Which kernel for which hboot?

The kernel is so important, if you don’t get the good one you could have a bootloop ;)

I am using only 2 different kernel for all my custom ROMs. But sometimes if it doesn’t work, I use the kernel provided by the dev with his custom rom.
The ncx kernels could be use for the main custom rom.

There are two ncx kernels:
NCX for AOSP custom rom: download ncx_217_v9_beta2_AOSP.img
NCX for SENSE custom rom: download ncx_217_v9_beta2_AOSP.img

How to change the Kernel, boot.img

 - Download the kernel, or boot.img
 - Change the name (yes because you will have lot of boot if you download one for each custom rom)

Example: boot_Renovate_5.7.2.img

Code: (on cmd, device connected on fastboot usb mode)
fastboot flash boot boot_Renovate_5.7.2.img

You can use this code for all boot (kernels) example with ncx:

fastboot flash boot ncx_217_v9_beta2_AOSP.img

When must I flash the kernel?

You can flash the kernel before or after having flashed the custom rom.
Or before & after :D

If you forget to flash it and flash the custom rom, then you reboot your device and get the bootloop, just restart on bootloader & flash the kernel, then reboot ;)

How to restart on bootloader during a bootloop??? Dude look on the tools in question part (start of the thread)

I am using NCX kernel, and with that you don’t need to flash a new kernel every time. You flash, you test & if it works it’s cool over wise you try an other kernel ^^

IV – About the Custom Rom

Yes :p it’s time to talk about the custom rom!

If you have read everything before you are touching the end of this thread! But this one is also very important!

What is it?

Custom rom is your body for your phone! Yes there is looot of things that devs are working on, but we only see that:

Is that smooth, beautiful? Is the UI cool? Is the wifi, Bluetooth, network working good? And others.

Over the custom ROM you can add themes and that is as tuning your car ^^ but I will not explain that here.

If you have read other articles on xda for example you maybe have understood that there is different kind of custom rom!

The rom you get when you buy your phone is called the Stock Rom.
Then if you want you can change it. You must unlock the bootloader (watch my video, warning, you will lost your warranty) flash the recovery & root your HOX (watch my othe video).

Then when you have understood everything on this thread you can understand that!

There is currently 2 different version of Android on our HOX:
  • Ice Cold Sandwich
  • Jelly Bean

Devs are working on those 2 different Android versions.

On those versions there are also 2 different kinds:
  • Sense Custom Rom
  • Non-Sense Custom Rom

MY JOB is not to tell you which one is better than the other, but I want to show you how the roms are running to be able to choose which one you want to get!

YOU MUST decide which one you need!

Yes sure, sometimes I prefer some custom rom!

SENSE Custom Rom:

JB & ICS custom rom are based on stock rom. JB on One X+ & ICS on One X. They are using the original Sense apps but remove some apps, sometimes you can select it with the aroma installer!

Those custom roms are developed to improve the original performances, battery life, smooth & others.
Remember: Take note on the kernel & the hboot you must use! I have had some fear with bricking my device, but I always found an issue.

You can find my videos’ reviews on my Youtube Channel & on my thread on XDA.

The famous custom rom are: (click on name to watch my video)

Android Revolution HD
Orio (new)

Android Revo HD
Leedroid (stopped)
Numero (light, less than 300Mb)
SkyDragon (new)
Viper X

CyanogenMOD 10

CyanogenMOD 9
IcedCold AOKP
Max’s MIUI
MIUI X (my favourite)


What is aroma installer?

Aroma installer is a "soft" used by devs to install the custom rom easier with the recovery. With Aroma Installer you can check different mods, options during the installation, fonts, bootanim, app to remove & more!!!

Why MIUI X is my favourite custom rom?

I have always been waiting for a custom rom based on miui with sense applications!
This one does it with Apex launcher, miui based, camera from sense and other beautiful things!
The battery life is perfect also!

That's why I love this one more than others :D

Thanks to its dev :)

THE CID List: (thanks to albert einstein ;))

This is the list for hboot 1.28
modelid: PJ4610000
cidnum: HTC__001
cidnum: HTC__E11
cidnum: HTC__203
cidnum: HTC__102
cidnum: HTC__405
cidnum: HTC__Y13
cidnum: HTC__A07
cidnum: HTC__304
cidnum: HTC__M27
cidnum: HTC__032
cidnum: HTC__016
cidnum: HTC__J15
mainver: 3.14.401.600
RadioVer: 5.1204.162.29
erasebcid: 1

And this is the one for hboot 1.23
modelid: PJ4610000
cidnum: HTC__001
cidnum: HTC__E11
cidnum: HTC__203
cidnum: HTC__Y13
cidnum: HTC__102
cidnum: HTC__405
cidnum: HTC__304
cidnum: HTC__032
cidnum: HTC__J15
cidnum: HTC__A07
cidnum: HTC__016
cidnum: HTC__M27
mainver: 1.28.401.9
RadioVer: 1.1204.103.14
erasebcid: 1
delgpt: 1


What do you think? :