October 06, 2012

Flow Wolf: Now & Later - You must know that!

Hello :)

I haven't posted an article since a while :p and that was because I have lot of things to do ;) I still have ^^

For everyone:

So some people asked me to do more things and to answer faster... Hum let me do my stuff and more you ask me to do faster more I will take my time :p

I am an engineering student and currently I am an intern into a big company!

HTC One owners:

Okay so there is a good new!!!
I have got a One X! But also I will sale my One S :/ Yes sorry but this is for you!

I know there is more people using One X for custom rom than One S!

That's why I decided to do that! I am sorry for One S owners :/

But lot of One X's custom rom are also on One S you know :p

You can continue to ask me lot of things about those devices :) I will sale the One S next month :) (need time to transfer my stuff ;) )

DHD Owners:

I will continue my job on Desire HD because there is lot of people following me with this device!

Thanks to everyone to follow me and to share my job!

A video is coming on this article to introduce you the One X!!!


What do you think? :