October 07, 2012

All Devices - Universal Car Holder - OmniHolder - HTC Samsun iPhone Nokia


Today I want to show you a car holder received by MobileFun.

This is the Support voiture Universel OmniHolder compatible HTC One X / XL / Plus. I have been delivered in 2 days by DHL services. Just amazing.
This car holder is so perfect because you can use it with all devices! Samsung, Nokia, Apple & others!

The website is available on different countries:

and you can order all other the world.
Moreover currently for one buy, you get the second for free! with the code: OMNIFR

I - Review

This Holder is very good and works for me.
Moreover lot of people (+380) have done a positive view to this product
I have tested it on a fridge & a window and it's just very strong!
Difficult to keep it back ;)

Pama done very good job!

II - My Point Of View

This article is cheap and currently you can get the second for free with the code: OMNIFR
So why are you still here!

+ This is an universal holder so you can keep it when you decide to change your phone, or let it to your family!
All devices are usable with it!

Go to mobilefun & order it NOW! ;)

If you buy it or already have it, what do you think about this product?

Can you send me a mail if you decide to buy it please!

III - Video

Thanks again to MobileFun


What do you think? :