September 01, 2012

How To S-Off the HTC Sensation / XE / 4G - Juopunut Bear - Wire Trick


This article has been writing to explain you exactly how to pass your HTC Sensation / XE / 4G to Hboot S-Off. I have succeeded to do that with hboot 1.27.xxxx & 1.29.xxxx.

There is no any reason to don't work! But this manipulation is strange, because you have to use a cable to connect the sdcard to a special hole! I haven't done that before, but it works!

You can also follow this article with the video:

So before doing this How To, you must have done the previous One:

I - Requierements

How To Unlock the Bootloader

II - Manipulations

- Uncheck Fastboot

Menu / Settings / Power / Uncheck Fastboot

- Check USB debugging

Menu / Settings / Dev Options / Check Usb Debugging

- Download the temproot-sensation-windows file: Download link

- Unzip this file into a folder on your computer

- Run the temp_root.bat, your phone must be connected by HTC Sync

your phone must reboot

- Download the ControlBear for Juopunut: Download link

- Extract it and run the controlbear.exe

THIS IS THE MOST DIFFICULT OPERATION. Be quiet, patient, and take your time, it's difficult to succeed in only one time.
You must watch the video at 6:15 :

- Take a cable,

- Remove the back from your phone, you must unplug your phone to do that.

If the computer wait for the device, remove the battery then restart your phone and plug it to the computer.

The video is an easier way to see how to do.
You must be patient and have a screen like that on your phone:

And on your computer the cmd command with:

Do not remove sdcard from phone
Do wire-trick now!! Check the instructions at
You must do the wire-trick ;)

Press the cable on the sdcard protection during 0.5sec, release during 1.75sec press again during 0.5sec.

2 possibilities:

It doesn't work:

1 - Your phone do not restart. Try again

2 - Your phone restart, but stay on the same Juopunut Bear screen. You have an Error Code.
Close the cmd command and run the controlbear.exe again

It works:

Your phone restart and you have this two different screens:

- Press Y and enter to accept

You can now see the S-Off on your phone when you restart it on Bootloader mode!

We now have to remove the temp root!

- Restart your phone

- Go to the folder extracted before: Temproot Sensation Windows

- Plug your phone to your computer

- Run the temp_root_remove.bat

Some commands are launched & your phone restart

Your phone is Now S-Off

You can now Flash the recovery!

Follow this article: "article is coming"

Thanks to XDA

Enjoy your HTC


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