September 18, 2012

DHD - XGS serie's 2.4.3 - Neo's Team


Today I want to share with you my experience on the custom rom XGS Series! Is that a normal custom rom!? Not sure, because you are able to choose between 4 different predefined theme and an other one where you customize it at your owns risks!

So you can choose between:
- ICS Theme
- JellyBean Theme
- SGS Theme
- Xperia Theme
- Custom Theme

On custom you can mix different others.

So let's go to discover some things about that!

I - Screenshot


This perfect theme runs on ICS as others, and you can discover a smooth
UI with the perfect views of ICS.
You would like it if you want to use a fast custom rom with possibility
to personalize it!

We can see the power menu, the widgets drawer, the lockscreen and other are
just perfect.
The dialer and the keyboard answer to our waits.


This theme is my favourite

You have something cool with good animations
You are not able to think that you use an HTC any more
It's charming!

The icons are different, also the drawer, the font, the recent apps, the drawer!
Really this is something completely different :)

For example the drawer appear with a background!!
also the page animation is so cute


The XPERIA Theme is also something different!
You are between the ICS and XPERIA, because you have different things:
The font, the icons, the statusbar, the animations...
But you have some things similar as the power menu, the notifications and others

The UI is just as the XPERIA and this is something strong!

You have lot of animations and different way to use your device
You see the little white cross it's do remove an app!
The folders also appear differently!

The font is different but the Dialer is the same on the ICS

Lockscreen looks like the ICS and you have a beautifull screen
on all home page seens together!
It's cool but maybe useless ;)

II - Videos





What do you think? :