September 22, 2012

DHD - VictoryMod V2.8 based on last 7.2 CM - GB


This custom rom is just an amazing rom released on the 20th september on it's v2.8 based on latest CM7.2 version.

It is smooth accurate & working very well.

I - Screenshots:

Based on CM7.2 this custom rom is beautiful and smooth.
You can change the statusbar notification from the top to the bottom
of your screen, also it use ADW Launcher so you have a beautiful launcher
on your device with sets to customize it!

The drawer is cool and you are able to see the dockbar on the drawer!
There also was shortcuts to different settings on the notifications slide!

The phone is usable by the landscape mode!

The use of the home-screen is coming from the CM UI, the keyboard is
smart and easy to use. The clock shows you a transparency background
it's cool :D

II - More customize settings:

This custom rom is based on CM 7.2 so there is possibilities to customize it.
Moreover this one is very stable because based on GingerBread

There is 3 easy way to personalize this custom rom:
- Call Settings
- CyanogenMod Settings
- ADWLauncher

This is some screenshots about what you can for example change easily!

III - Video:

Coming soon ;)

XDA Thread


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