September 17, 2012

DHD - Sabsa Prime - Sense 4 - Fully Working

Hello :)

How are you? :p

Yeah I know You missed me, but I am sorry, curently it's difficult, this week end my network connection wasn't working at all so it was difficult to do something.

I have some article to write so let's go for the first one!

As you have seen on my Youtube Channel, I have tested the Sabsa Prime, and this rom is just so cool for our Desire HD!

So let's go to take time to discover it together :)

I - Screenshot

As you can see, this is a Sense 4.0 version and it seems quite good!
We have to thanks all the team working on that!

This rom released version 5.0 last week so this is cool.
Since this time, no new version is arrived because no more issues has
been detected!

We can discover the personalize part completely full, and every thing works
you have the Scenes, Skins, Lock Screen (7) & Wallpapers (23)

We also have the dialer, the music, with beats audio, and some tweaks.
The recent apps is also coming from Sense 4.0

II - I think

I have tested lot of custom rom you know, on different devices, but this one is really good. You have the real Sense 4.0 on DHD and this is so amazing! Smooth fast, beautiful, fully working!

If you are looking for a DHD with Sense 4.0 and ICS, you must test and discover this One.

There is also the same but with Sense 3.6 (Sabsa Bliss) and I think you must also see that because it's just incredible!

III - Video

XDA Thread


What do you think? :