September 22, 2012

DHD - VictoryMod V2.8 based on last 7.2 CM - GB


This custom rom is just an amazing rom released on the 20th september on it's v2.8 based on latest CM7.2 version.

It is smooth accurate & working very well.

September 18, 2012

DHD - XGS serie's 2.4.3 - Neo's Team


Today I want to share with you my experience on the custom rom XGS Series! Is that a normal custom rom!? Not sure, because you are able to choose between 4 different predefined theme and an other one where you customize it at your owns risks!

So you can choose between:
- ICS Theme
- JellyBean Theme
- SGS Theme
- Xperia Theme
- Custom Theme

On custom you can mix different others.

So let's go to discover some things about that!

I - Screenshot

September 17, 2012

DHD - Sabsa Prime - Sense 4 - Fully Working

Hello :)

How are you? :p

Yeah I know You missed me, but I am sorry, curently it's difficult, this week end my network connection wasn't working at all so it was difficult to do something.

I have some article to write so let's go for the first one!

As you have seen on my Youtube Channel, I have tested the Sabsa Prime, and this rom is just so cool for our Desire HD!

So let's go to take time to discover it together :)

I - Screenshot

September 13, 2012

DHD - MokeeOS Based on CM7.2


I have discover this new custom rom and I have review it.

There is just some screens, but you have to know that this one is cool and I like it because it's not as other known usely.

You have dock permanent and different pages for settings
It changes :)

I am sorry because there is no details, as previously, I have lot of works today, I will add things tomorrow, and I am just not happy today about different things for my videos used... Sorry :/


September 02, 2012

How to root your HTC Sensation / XE / 4G - Permanent Root


Today you have to finish the How To to be able to flash a custom rom :)

So you have follow the previous articles:

How to unlock the bootloader
How to S-Off
How to install the recovery

So let's go!

September 01, 2012

How to install the recovery on HTC Sensation


If you have followed the previous How To, you must, because they are necessary to continue with this one, you must know I have done it twice. Once with the Sensation XE and the over one with the Sensation.

I have succeed to unlock bootloader and SOff twice with the same method. But I haven't been able to flash the recovery on the Sensation with the same method than the one used for the Sensation XE!

So I have to show you 2 different means to do that.

The first one is my favorite because you understand what you do. The second one is easier because you use a tool!

- Method 1:

How To S-Off the HTC Sensation / XE / 4G - Juopunut Bear - Wire Trick


This article has been writing to explain you exactly how to pass your HTC Sensation / XE / 4G to Hboot S-Off. I have succeeded to do that with hboot 1.27.xxxx & 1.29.xxxx.

There is no any reason to don't work! But this manipulation is strange, because you have to use a cable to connect the sdcard to a special hole! I haven't done that before, but it works!

You can also follow this article with the video:

So before doing this How To, you must have done the previous One:

I - Requierements