August 24, 2012

One S - ViperOneS - Venom Team Awesome Rom - Hub & Tweaks


Today the Venom Team releases a new custom rom. This one is already available for the HTC One X, I want to thanks all the team for the great work they have done and they continue to do every day!

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This custom rom is amazing, because we found a Venom Tweaks with more tweaks than ever seen into a custom rom, but also because it is deliver with Venom Hub. This is an application to access news, icon packs, theme, logos, backgrounds, fonts...

I have been so surprise by this rom and I want to show you with lot of screens the entire Venom Tweaks.

Also we can found Google Now on this rom. If we go to software information we have a Sense v4.1 :)

Before continue, I want to thanks again the Venom team for their job.

I - Screenshot

When you see this 2 screenshots you can ask me what is amazing? Right?
Continue this article to discover THE BEST ROM EVA ;)

Let's go to discover


Thanks to all the team for their job


Click for full size

This Statusbar Tweaks allow to change the Quick Settings on the notification bar,
but also the statusbar theme. You can download different pack and change icon by icon
for all different settings.
You have access to battery options & clock options, change the transparency,
and control the transparency by the statusbar.
Dialogue style change recent apps style, from Sense to ICS ;)

Above: Different icons on different theme
Below: All packs for Status Bar

Below: 2 different packs installed for the status bar.


The Sense Tweaks changes the Sense settings, for example the infinite scrolling,
the transparency, and install different icon packs.
You can set the app drawer background and HTC Clock Widget.

Above: all packs available for this amazing custom rom


This part is cool to choose to use the AOSP lockscreen or the Sense.
You can also check the orientation & carrier caption.
See screenshot below.


The Buttons allow you to change lot of things and it enjoy myself.
I can for example use the volume up to take a picture with the camera
I have always waited for something like that! and this team done it :D


Something great also to select the power menu items and Hide arrows on the keyboard
is just so cool :p


The advanced Tweaks is maybe less used but also cool,
You can change the boot animation & sound, and the font for your

II - I think

This rom is really cool, I am using it since yesterday and the battery drain is really correct. This rom is smooth, fast amazing, and tweaks are just perfect. Just do not use too many tweaks at the same time ;)
You can already use the version 1.0.0 as a daily rom, so the Venom Team is becoming recognized by me and also by lot of users.

I want to thanks the team one time more :p

III - BenchMark

IV - Video

Enjoy your phone!

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