August 14, 2012

One S - SenseissimO - ICS Based on TrickDroid


I have tested this Senseissimo custom rom. This is a good rom, all icons are modified, and this is cute.
But this is exactly the same than TrickDroid, without a good battery.

I think it is difficult to keep the battery for one day :/ So this is not enough, but this is on the first version, so I think and hope bigpercaso will work on that soon :p

I let you discover the screenshots:

1 - Screenshots

As you can see on all those different screens, icons are not the same
I don't know if I prefer these or those on Trickdroid

Music Player is changed by different colors.

As you can see, the battery is not enough for one day
I have diconnected the WiFi, and use it less than other days with other custom rom :/
So the dev can maybe change that :)

You have maybe seen the battery indicator, it is 5 by 5 from 100 to 25
then 1 by 1 ;)

2 - Video


What do you think? :