August 09, 2012

One S - ParanoidAndroid Ville ICS 4.0.4 Hybrid


I have tested the ParanoidAndroid custom rom on my HTC One S and it surprised me. It was amazing but there is some sad points. For my point of view, the font is too small, but it's correct. I love the way to use the different part as setting, or gmail, or YouTube, (look the screen bellow).
This rom could be better with a better battery drain, because when you are playing a game you loose too much battery :/

Let's go to the test!

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1 - Screenshot

This ICS rom is based on cyanogenmod.
The UI interface looks like a tablet, but you are on a HTC One S.
I think the screen isn't large enough to be able to use it correctly.

By the way, the battery is correct if you don't use a game, look on
Asphalt 7 or Temple run for example

The drawer is a 4x6 so it's good on this point, and the settings menu is well thought.

The way to use people or play store is different than the UI for smartphone,
and I love it, but you must have good eyes :)

On YouTube you will love the way to use it, it's different and intuitive.

2 - Benchmark Test

Cool results :)

3 - Video

What do you think? :