August 31, 2012

How To Unlock the bootloader - HTC Devices


Today I want to explain you how to unlock the bootloader.

You need that to be able to continue other How To, S-Off, Install recovery, Root your Sensation.
All those how to are needed to do one time before flashing a custom rom!

You can also follow the video:

I - Requierements

So to proceed, there is some requierements:

- Install SDK

dowload link: windows, mac, linux

- Your phone drivers must be installed. If your phone is detected and you can plug it to your computer on disk drive, it must be enough.

- Sync your contact list with your google account, and save your sms with: sms backup & restore

- Factory reset your phone, this is why you must have saved everything!

II - Manipulations

Factory reset:

- Uncheck Fastboot

Menu / Settings / Power / Uncheck Fastboot

- Check usb debugging

Menu / Settings / Dev Options / Check Usb Debugging

- Turn off your phone

- Reboot it into bootloader

Press power & volume down

- Select Factory Reset

Unlock Bootloader:

You can follow all instruction on the website.

- Remove the battery from your phone
- Reboot on bootloader mode
- Select Fastboot
- Plug your phone to the computer
Dowload android sdk tools: windows
You must have the 3 files: adb.exe, AdbWinapi.dll & fastboot.exe
- On the coputer: Go to Start / Run.
Enter cmd

On the cmd window:
- Go to the tools folder, use this command:

cd C:/toolsfolderlocation

mine is: cd C:/android-sdk-windows/tools

- Enter the folowing command:

fastboot oem get_identifier_token

Then you must have a message like that:

Now you have to select the part starting from <<<<< Identifier .... to Token End>>>>>
Do a right click to copy.

- Then go to the website. You have to enter this code into the box message created to that, after having selected the unlock bootloader for your device.
PS: you must be logged in.

Then you will receive an email with a file: Unlock_code.bin
- Download this file, it is different for each device.
- Place it into the same folder than previously use, with fastboot.exe, adb.exe...

- Go back to the cmd windows and enter this command:

fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

A new screen has appeared on your phone, you have to select yes with the volume button and press power.

CONGRATULATIONS, your device has now an unlocked bootloader!


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