August 03, 2012

DHD - Virtuous Infinity - First Full Sense 4 & ICS for Desire HD


Virtuous Team is always in life! And they offer us a new custom rom! And wich ROM?

Ice Cream Sandwich with full Sense 4.0 for HTC Desire HD, only Desire HD? No...

The Virtuous Infinity is available on all those devices:
  • Desire HD
  • Desire Z
  • Desire S
  • Incredible 2
  • Incredible S
  • Inspire 4G
  • myTouch 4G Slide
Isn't it amazing??? :p

Something are not working very well on different devices, you have to check it on xda thread

1 - Screenshots:

No, this is not a dream, but a real screenshot from a Desire HD!
It's just amazing and smooth. Not as the Revo HD for example,
But this is smooth enough :p

Maybe we can hope a 5*4 drawer for the next version, it could be great :p

As on Sense 4 on One S, One X and others, widgets are working
and are beautiful

The Team! The One! Adds Virtous Tweaks, you can change
different things and it's cool to personalize your phone :p

2 - BenchMark

Different results, not so good, but is that important?

3 - Video

xda thread - Virtuous Infinity


What do you think? :