August 15, 2012

DHD - ParanoidAndroid - JB - F.F.S V1/CM10-Unofficial V1


I can't start this article with an other scream :) This custom rom is just amazing! I haven't tested it on One S, maybe I was wrong and must create a new article & video :)

So what can I say about this one? You are using JellyBean with Google Now, you can found the test into the video (end of the article, or my Youtube Channel: click to see the video)

You have a new UI and it is just wonderful. Then you can change lot of things on your notification status bar and other things.

But you can use different mod:
- Phone
- Phablet (Small & Big)
- Tablet (Small & Big)

1 - Screenshot

A - What is uniform?

 - User Interface

The lockscreen is quite the same, the notification status bar change its
size & place according to the configuration (cf below)

With those 6 screens you can see the drawer, the phone keyboard,
Google Now, with cards, People, Gmail, YouTube & recent apps.
Those apps & UI are the same without matter the configuration.

 - Settings

On settings you can change lot of things, as number of notification icons,
battery status style & other things.
But there is also a label: ParanoidAndroid Settings

B - ParanoidAndroid Settings - What is changing?

From left to right, and top down:
Phone, Phablet Small, Phablet Big
Tablet Small, Tablet Big

On Phablet or Tablet, the status notification bar isn't at the same place.
Isn't it amazing?

2 - BenchMark

3 - Video

Enjoy :)


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