July 09, 2012

One S - TrickDroid Tweaks v5.1.0 - Test + Benchmark


Today I have tested TrickDroid Tweaks. I love this rom, but I have a problem with battery drain. I don't know why, maybe because I have flashed 2 time tweaks with different options xD

So I have to change it again to test the battery ;)

But I already have some screenshoot and benchmark tests for you :)

Part 1: ScreenShots

I have tested 2 different UI with TrickDroid. I have used the Sense UI and the Nova Launcher. So here are the 2 different screenshoot.

Sense UI                      vs            Nova Launcher

We can see with this screenshoots that the transparency isn't the same with Sense UI and with Nova Launcher. Also the dockbar is changed. We have the battery percent with the MIUI bar on statusbar notification.
Longpress on screen

For Sense UI I have chosen Rosie 6x5



Part 2: Tweaks

Thanks tohe_stheone64

Take care about what you check during the flash with Aroma because after having flashed, somethings aren't usable on TrickDroid Tweaks, as Clock Options, or Battery Options.
If you check remove Sense, you will not have Sense UI and Sense Widgets. So you must do different tests.

Do not hesitate to send me your homescreen and what you have checked to add it on this article.

Part 3: Benchmark test

HTC One S Benchmark Test: Quadrant Standard
Before tweaks: 4861
After tweaks: 5179

HTC One S Benchmark Test: Antutu

 Part 4: Point of View

I love the possibility to rotate the home screen with HTC Sense and use all HTC Widgets.
But Tweaks is maybe difficult to understand how to use it. So we need to do some test before finding something great.

I also have an issue with the battery, so I must test it again before sending my opinion.

Look my Video:

Thanks Torxx for its job.


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