July 11, 2012

One S - CyanogenMod 9 - Full review


Today I test the CyanogenMod 9. This rom is not finished, and it has bugs and issues, but I can say to you, I haven't seen that :)

Thanks to xkonni for his job!!!

Message of xkonni (dev):

We changed the naming-scheme. Its not any more stable than it was before, but builds are named by build date now.

There are some problems with 1080p, like with the pyramid we can only use 720p. This might get fixed some day but if 720p worked reliably i would be more than happy.

Still a long way to go...

Okay, so let's go to see what I have tested.

Part 1: Presentation (with Screenshots)

This is the lockscreen. You can change the settings about weather,
a personnal sentence, the date and the calendar. You can also select
the different shortcuts and their different icons.

This is the Music Player Widget (Apollo). When you turn back to the
lockscreen you have the screenshot on the right side.

With the clock application you can turn your phone like that.
This is nice and use less battery than with a full screen on.

You can switch with landscape when you want.

 Part 2: User Interface & Settings


Many people ask me about camera. So camera is working. But you can't record a video with 1080p, you can record 720p video. You can't shot a panorama. You can use the burst for shots. But if you use 20 shots during the night, your device use the flash and you can't stop until the end of 20 shots.

User Interface
This is the keyboard    and     this is the drawer
(original android keyboard)

Phone interface & people interface 

As on Android you can kill or go to recent apps
with a long press on home key.

Customisation & Settings

1- Launcher

You can change lot of things on the Launcher, the grid size from 1*1 to 7*7. I use 6*4 it's perfect.
You are able to use a persistent or not search bar... You can change the transition effects...

 2- Lock Screen

Your lock screen is also customizable. It's a new windows to be faster on the way you use your phone. You can show or not: calendar, weather, personnal message. You can use a Face Unlock, a pattern or other things. You control your device!!!

 3- System

On System settings you can change some things on status bar & notification drawer.
There is something amazing, you can change the brightness with sliding the status bar :D

 4- Profiles

This is ma favorite part. You can create profiles for different uses of your phone.
For example I use it at home and on my car. I need WiFi at home with sync data. But I don't need it on my car, but I need bluetooth to connect it to my audio car system.
So I have created 2 different profiles and I switch when I want.

To switch you just have to have a long press on power button and select settings (see it below)


Part 3: Battery test

For a personal use, this is perfect.

You can see different moment of my day with the use of the phone I was so surprised when I use Youtube for an hour by WiFi without lost more than 8% of my battery :)

Part 4: Benchmark Test

 Antutu result is amazing!

Part 5: Video

XDA Thread


What do you think? :