July 21, 2012

One S - Axiom S & S Less - Sense 4 Smooth


I have tested an amazing rom custom for HTC One S. It's called Axiom S & S Less. I have tested the v1.5 but the v1.7 is already released.

What is amazing with this rom?

You must like Sense 4 :D I love it, then you add to that a pinch of speed, and the possibility to rotate the screen every time :)


Look at that...

1 - Screenshots:

It is exactly the same than Sense 4. Sometimes there is a minor bug.
But I use it from 3 days and I love it!
You can see the battery drain is cool more than 1 day, it's enough!

2 - Benchmark

This is correct but could be better :)

3 - Video


What do you think? :