July 14, 2012

Official MIUI.us v4 2.7.x - Full Review: All devices - Themes


Today I test the MIUI.us.

This rom is available on lot of devices:
Google Nexus One, Google Nexos S, HTX Desire HD, HTC Evo 3D, HTC One XL, Motorola Atrix, HTC Evo 4G, LG G2X, Motorola Droid 2, Motorola Droid X, Galaxy Ace, Samsung Infuse, Samsung Skyrocket, Samsung Galaxy SII,  HTC One S, HTC One X, ...

Thanks to MIUI Team for their job!!!

Okay, so let's go to see what I have tested.

Part 1: Presentation (with Screenshots)

The MIUI Lockscreen is amazing. You can unlock by sliding down.
But you can also choose different shortcuts. There is a anim when your
phone is charging or when the battery has less than 15%. (green or red circle).
If you use a long press on the padlock, you access to the Music control.
With a long press on home key, you use the flash light. You can use it with
less than 15% on battery.$

The MIUI homescreen show everything. There is no drawer.
So you have all your applications on your homescreen as an IPhoxe.
You can use from 1 to 6 shortcuts on your dockbar, including folders,
this is so easy to do that, no need to select how many you want, it adjusts itself.

Pinch the screen with 2 fingers to add widgets and apps, with 3 fingers
to add or remove screens on your desktop.

 Part 2: User Interface, Toggles & Settings


Camera is working. This is the same (for One S) than the official.

User Interface

This clean style is perfect. It looks like cream :)

The browser is very easy to use and well thought.

You can also kill apps by this page of recent apps :D

Toggles & Settings


Toggles are shortcuts to different settings on your phone.
Turn on/off BT, GPS, Sync...
With MIUI you can use it on notification status bar.

Two different kinds of appearance.
Left: Toggles on the bottom
Right: Toggle on the entire page.

You can change different things on the launcher setting. But the real
power of MIUI is theme :)

This is a positive point, you have 2 different settings pages,
the common settings, usually used and the complete settings.

Part 3: Themes

I can't show you everything about each theme. So I just want to say some words.
This part is very important for miui. You can dowload different theme (from 1 to +50Mo)
You can then apply it. For example I have used the Xperia S & Galaxy S2 & others.
You can see what change on your device.

But you have maybe seen the MIX option on the previous screenshot.
With that you can mix all your downloaded theme with others.

Let your dreams coming truth!

Part 4: Autonomy

I have used it in a normal way, and I like the autonomy. More than 24 hours.
It's cool :) Okay, I have turn my phone on airplane mode when I was sleeping
But I do that every day.

Part 5: Benchmark Test

Results on HTC One S

Part 6: Video

One S: XDA Thread
DHD: XDA Thread

Download & Info:
Official MIUI: MIUI.us


PS: How to install Play Store is coming.

You must flash this file after having flashed the rom custom:
File link: Download

What do you think? :