July 30, 2012

Jelly Bean - Review - Features - Google Now & More


Do you remember my last article about Jelly Bean? And my videos on HTC Desire HD et HTC One S?

I hadn't really test all Google Now and the new updates and features on Jelly Bean.

On this article you will discover this different parts. I haven't been able to show you everything, but I write for you some words about that:

- Google Now
- Status Notification Bar
- Google Search
- Widgets
- Few bugs on XDA

I - Jelly Bean Review

1- Google Now

I don't want to test it more because: BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!
and with the One S, the battery drain is just too high!
But according to how you use your phone and where you go every day,
what you search on the web or your calendar, you must discover
special things for you on Google Now.

2 - Status Notification Bar

The Status Notification Bar is modified. Now when you receive a call (right screenshot)
you can deny the call by sending a message. If you missed the call, you have
the choice to call back your friend or send a message (left screenshot)
With Google Now you have notification as weather (center screenshot)

3 - Camera

I haven't been able to test correctly the camera on the One S because there is some glitches and this is a CM camera.
But I know that with this new camera you can delete a picture just taken by sliding with a finger. I love Sense Camera so I am waiting for a JB with Sense 4 :) Why not ;)

4 - Google Search

Here you can see screenshots about an ask on Google Voice.
I have tested it, so you begin by speak, then the device recognize your voice.
Then it answer your question, by speaking :) Or it show you answers.
If it was a question you can slide down and you discover some tabs:
Web - Images - Places - News - Shopping - Videos - Blogs

Ps: I have asked : Who is the president of America, because this is an easy question.

5 - Widgets

Widgets are as in Ice Cream Sandwich, but they automatically switch their side if needed to allow other widgets to come near :)
Is this sentence correct? xD

6 - Few bugs on XDA

Okay, so I have tested it on my HTC Desire HD & my HTC One S but some glitches stay on different versions. On HTC One S sometimes the red light never stop, on the HTC Desire HD I can't turn Wi-Fi On... So devs are always working on that, and they do a very good job.

So just continue like that!

II - Video


What do you think? :