July 19, 2012

Jelly Bean is coming on XDA - all devices


You maybe have seen that, Jelly Bean is coming on lot of devices on XDA forum.

This Android version is 4.1.x = JellyBean, I have tested it on my HTC One S, the rom is called ColdBlooded.

But you can also find it on your Desire HD: JellyTime.

You must check the xda thread to know what is working or not on your device. For example, on HTC One S, WiFi is not working, but it works on HTC Desire HD.

Okay you want to see what it looks like!?
It's a kind on CyanogenMod 10, this is just a preview, and as someone said:
This is KANG cm10. It is unnofficial and an early build and is NOT indicitave of a final release. Do not expect any form of support from anyone.

Let's go for screenshots.

1 - Screenshots:

So, what do you think about that? I am waiting for a new realease with less cyano ;) But if you Enjoy Cyano, check what is working or not on your device to know if you can use it as a daily rom :D

2 - Video

Links: JellyBean on xda

and others on xda forum

- Fascinate
- Infuse 4G
Motorola Xoom
- Nexus
- Nexus S
- One X
- Transformer Prime
- Xperia Mini

Thanks to all devs for their job!


What do you think? :