July 10, 2012

DHD - A Taste of Sense / ICS

A Taste of Sense / ICS.

I think with this 5 words you know everything about this Rom!

This Rom is so smooth, because there is absolutely nothing not needed ;)

I asked xvicedice (The dev), why his rom is so special, and here is his answer:

Hi Mate - I appreciate your help. I am just really keen to show how the sytem is Smooth. (swithing between menu and apps) im also keen to show the sense 4 activity manager built into
the rom (rom control - General UI - recent Windows Style)

He is right, his rom is so smooth :)

My rom is special because its built to be nothing but smooth. There is no heavy battery drain and it has a real good Sense 4 Look. Plus im using one of the greatest developers bases (Lord Clockan) :)
I will leave it to you to go with what you wish but i really do appreciate it :)

So I agree with him, and I want add that you can change everything on your notification bar. This is a plus.

You can now see that with my screenshots:

Part 1: Screenshots

When you discover the rom you have something like that.
Then you can add on the lockscreen the battery, the date,
some events on your calendar, and change the lockscreen.

You can see on the notification bar some differences,
I have centered the clock and add AM/PM and the
day (Mon, Tue, Wed...) The battery icon is also changed.

The drawer is an ICS drawer, but you can't access widgets
by this way. You must use the long press on HomeScreen.

With a long press on power button you access to this menu.
You can choose to active or not screenshot & torch.

You can chose between 2 to 8 unlock apps.
You see I have add the weather, line 2.

Other ScreenShots:

Part 2: Benchmark Test

With 2039 this is not awesome, but when you have it on your hands, you didn't mind the score ;)
You like it.

My video: 

Xda Thread (delete by the dev :s )


What do you think? :