July 29, 2012

Desire HD - Stay on Gingerbread! No more Ice Cream Sandwich :(

Hi everyone,

You know we are waiting for a new official update for our Desire HD, and some devs have already worked on ICS for our Desire HD.

We can quote:

- Virtuous Infinity (video is coming soon) XDA Link
- A Taste of Sense * My Article - Video
- Ice Cold Sandwich * My Article - Video - XDA Link

And others...

But I have seen on HTC Blog that our DHD will not receive the update for Ice Cream Sandwich by HTC...


You can read the article here: blog.htc.com

What is your reaction?

I hope devs, will continue to make our dreams reality, we can allready see some Rom Custom with JellyBean:

- JellyTime * My Article - Video - XDA Link

What do you think? :