June 16, 2012

New Channel & Blog - Explanations


I am Flow, maybe you already know me, maybe not.
First of all, thank you for your contribution, and your coming.

I am french, so there are spelling mistakes on this blog! Just send me an email.
email: flow.wolf.one@gmail.com
Title: Your Blog:Mistake(s)

Thanks ;)

About Me:

I'm just passionate in technologies and I am giving my life for HTC the day they asked me ;) I am loving what they do. I also developped short time then I turn on my PC and share my results.
I hope you enjoy that :)

I have discovered the Desire HD in November 2010, and since I started to change everything. So I want to share everything and I have created this site filled with Tuto for you, and for me to remember how to do.

Then I have gained an HTC One S :)

I am like you, initially I knew nothing, but that's what I managed to do. So I know how you feel by discovery and fear. I know how you feel yourself and I'm here to help you!!! Then have your troubles patiently and your work will be rewarded. I am a noob I just described for you who may also be a noob. You'll see it's great.
Everything is detailed you can not lose yourself. So read attentively and enjoy yourself :D
Here you will discover Tutorials, tips, videos tutorials and many other things.

Truce dreams and take action.

Why This Blog?

I start this blog because I stopped to be an editor for HotToCome, so I have to create a new YouTube channel due to not continue using their logo and name.

I think with this blog it can be easier to share with you. I will just post on this blog about my review. And I need your help to improve my videos.

My YouTube Channel will start between the 5of July. Because I have an exam period starting soon, then I will go to Switzerland and I will start my holidays on 2 of July.

I will continue to show you reviews about HTC One S and HTC Desire HD (Rom & other). 

I want to thank you to have been more than 500 subscribers for less than 6 months. And to see more than 100 000 views per month.

I think you can understand that I need time to start this new channel. I must change the introduction and the end of my best reviews to post it again.

This blog must be improve because I discover how to use it. So if you have any suggestion I want to know that.

Can you give me videos you have really like and I must upload on my new YouTube Channel?

I will be grateful if you want to subscribe to my new channel when I will launch it. Just stay connected on this blog to know that.

I will not be able to post an article per day. I will do that when I have time ;)

See me soon :)

Let's go to comment :)

PS: if someone know how to create subtitles on YouTube can you send me an email please!

Flow for FWO

What do you think? :